MCQs On Diploma In Information Technology Application


MCQs On Certificate In Information Technology Application

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81. Default data type of a variable in VB is_____
A) Integer
B) String
C) Float
D) Variant
Answer: D) Variant

82. DHCP stands for_____
A) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
B) Dual Host Configuration Protocol
C) Dual Host Control Protocol
D) Dynamic Host Control Protocol
Answer: A) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. 

83. Stock maintaining control system in store which consists hardware and software to contact and manage suppliers is called_____
A) System
B) Component classification
C) Information processing system
D) Operating system
Answer: C) Information processing system 

84. Shortcut of Web page Refresh is_____
A) F4
B) F5
C) F6
D) F7
Answer: B) F5 

85. DNS stands for_____
A) Direct Naming System
B) Drive Naming Society
C) Domain Name System
D) Development New Society
Answer: C) Domain Name System 

86. Dynamic arrays can be declared when the user may not know the _____of the array at design time.
A) Exact column.
B) Exact variable.
C) Exact value.
D) Exact size.
Answer: D) Exact size. 

87. Each computer connected to the internet must_____
A) Have a unique HTTP address
B) Be an IBM PC
C) Have a modem connection
D) Switch
Answer: B) Be an IBM PC 

88. E-Mail : The Inbox is collection of_____
A) Deleted Mail
B) Draft Mails
C) Spam Mails
D) Incoming Mails
Answer: D) Incoming Mails 

89. E-mail addresses separate the user name from the ISP using the __________ symbol.
A) &
B) @
C) #
D) %
Answer: B) @ 

90. Which language is not a true object-oriented programming language?
B) VB 6
C) C++
D) Java
Answer: B) VB 6 

91. Uses of Internet_____
A) Communication
B) Information Retrieval.
C) Presentation of information.
D) All of the above.
Answer: D) All of the above. 

92. A computer language for informing the DBMS regarding the data structure used is_____
Answer: B) DDL 

93. A homepage is_____
A) an index on encyclopaedia articles.
B) where all internet data is store.
C) required for access to the internet.
D) the first page of a web site.
Answer: D) the first page of a web site. 

94. The first part of a complete URL is the __________ needed to access the web resource.
Answer: D) PROTOCOL 

95. What is an algorithm?
A) A flowchart.
B) Step by step instructions used to solve a problem.
C) A flowchart or pseudocode.
D) A decision.
Answer: B) Step by step instructions used to solve a problem.   

96. A text box is an example of_____
A) Button
B) Method
C) Event
D) Control
Answer: D) Control 

97. In a relational database, a Referential Integrity constraint is specified with the help of_____
A) Primary Key.
B) Foreign Key.
c) Both (A) and (B).
D) None of these.
Answer: B) Foreign Key 

98. How can you view the properties of a form?
A) Select View > Form properties form the menu.
B) Right click anywhere on the form and select properties from the shortcut menu.
C) Double click the form selector box in the upper left corner of the form.
D) All the Above.
Answer: B) Right click anywhere on the form and select properties from the shortcut menu. 

99. How do you insert a graphic of your company's logo on a report?
A) Design Tab -> Logo.
B) You can't MS Access won't let you insert graphics file.
C) Database Tools -> logo.
D) Select Tools > Insert Picture from the menu.
Answer: A) Design Tab -> Logo. 

100. What is a form in MS Access?
A) It is a printed page where users will write their data to fill it up.
B) It is an input screen designed to make the viewing and entering data easier
C) This is an important part of database used by analysts to draw conclusions.
D) All of above.
Answer: B) It is an input screen designed to make the viewing and entering data easier


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